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General FAQ

Knight Specific FAQ

Farming & Raids


General FAQ

How do I set up my wallet on BNB Chain?

For information on MetaMask and all other wallets currently supported by the KnightSwap platform, please visit our Wallets page.

How do I connect my wallet to the platform?

In order to connect your wallet you have to click on the "Unlock Wallet" button on the top-right corner of the KnightSwap platform. After that, look for the wallet you want to connect to KNIGHT and click "connect". Once you approve the connection, you're good to go! ​

I'm having trouble with connecting my wallet to the Knight Platform

Your checklist to troubleshoot wallet connection issues.
  • Make sure you're on the BNB Chain network (click here in order to learn how).
  • You may have multiple wallets connected to KnightSwap and so you must first disconnect all other wallets then reconnect. (Usually Coinbase wallet is one that will interfere).
  • Clear cache & refresh.

I get NaN on your site what do I do?

Most of the time when this happens it is simply that the remote procedure call (RPC) that you are currently on is congested and so the UI is not returning the proper data points.
The general solution to this is to do a refresh so that the server can choose the next best RPC. If this does not solve the problem wait a couple of minutes before trying to refresh one more time (if the network is really busy you may need to do this more than once).
You can use this website to check RPC congestion.
We are not affiliated with this website.
Yellow and red are signs of higher congestion for that particular RPC.
If you are still experiencing this issue you can try to change your own RPC to one of the recommended options from Binance here.

Knight Specific FAQ

What is $KNIGHT?

The $KNIGHT token is the native currency to the KnightSwap DEX. It's required to participate in most of our platform's offerings.
You can learn more about what we have to offer here
You can view our tokenomics here

What is the max supply of $KNIGHT?

Being a DEX token there is no max supply of $KNIGHT, as new tokens are minted for rewards for LP providers daily. You can find more details, insight, and reasoning on our Tokenomics Page.

​Farming & Raids

How can I stake $KNIGHT?

You can stake your $KNIGHT to earn more $KNIGHT on the "Raids" page by clicking on the "+" sign after approving the contract, choose the amount you want to stake and confirm.
Raids page:
You can also stake your $KNIGHT to earn partner tokens on the "Raids" page. Choose your partner token that you'd like to acquire then click on the "+" sign after approving the contract, choose the amount you want to stake and confirm.
Raids page:

​What is the difference between Raids and Farming?

RAIDS: Raids are smart contracts that have been developed to allow investors to use their $KNIGHT to obtain more $KNIGHT or other partner tokens within our Raids. Once you have your $KNIGHT, in order to stake your $KNIGHT you would navigate to the "Raids" page and choose the token you would like to start earning with your $KNIGHT.
FARMING: In order to farm you need to add liquidity to the liquidity pool (Under the liquidity tab) in the respective pairs shown in the "Farms" page. Once you have done this you will be given a Liquidity Pair (LP) token which you can deposit into the Farm to start earning $KNIGHT tokens
Farms and raids both have their own advantages and disadvantages; choosing between one or the other would be determined by your personal asset accumulation strategy. Our core partners at The Guardian Academy provide excellent education on navigating the crypto space and may be able to help you tailor a strategy that best aligns with your personal time preferences and goals.

How do I get started farming?

In order to farm you first have to provide liquidity to one of the liquidity pools which you can find on the "Farms" page. After you add liquidity to a liquidity pool, you will receive a liquidity pool token, commonly referred to as LP tokens.
Within the KnightSwap platform these are referred to as Knight LP's.
After providing liquidity and receiving your Knight LP tokens, select the liquidity pool you joined from the "Farms" page, approve the contract and then click on the little "+" sign, then choose the amount you want to stake and confirm.
If you need more support you can reference Merlin's Step By Step Guides for adding liquidity & how to yield farm.

I made my LP, where did it go?

It will be deposited into your wallet once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. After creating LP, most wallets will not automatically register the contract as a new token. You will have to manually add the contract address to your wallet. If you're familiar with navigating BSC scan, you can search for the transaction in your BSC scan transaction history. If not, we have provided the LP address underneath each of the farms.
Press details and then click on the link "View on BscScan" each farm will have their own contract associated with it.

When will you open more farms or pools?

There will always be an announcement before the launch of new pools so pay attention to the Discord,TG, & Twitter.
If you’re a project that wants to apply for a KNIGHT Farm & (Partner) Staking Pool reach out through this form.

I don't understand all these terms on the Farm & Pools Page

This article can help to define the terms for you.

Why is my favorite raid/farm gone?

Farms and Raids are a partnership agreement between projects.
In order to establish a high output farm through KnightSwap, a partner project must also provide the initial LP (so that our users can safely trade for their token) and project tokens necessary for the creation of a Raid.
The multipliers on partner farms are determined by the agreement that is made during the time partner tokens are exchanged. These agreements are can be between 1-6 month terms based on what is agreed upon.
If a partner is unable to renew their agreement by providing additional project tokens, there won't be any tokens available for our Knight users to attain via that partner's Raid Pool. Once the Raid Pool runs out of tokens, it becomes inactive.
Subsequently, the partner project farm also becomes inactivate as the agreement to have a Farm is formed on the basis of providing LP AND partner tokens for a Raid Pool.
If you had funds staked into a farm or raid and you can no longer find the partner farm or raid, check the inactive tab prior to raising a support ticket. Scroll down the page to look through all the partner projects as the inactive Farm/Raid you are in could be lower down the list.

I'm tired of harvesting manually, is there a way to do this automatically?

We understand that some users on our platform would like to take a more passive route for their investments. Our Castle Vaults were created as tools that will automatically harvest and form LP to compound.
This will allow our investors to continue to increase their asset accumulation on autopilot while they go and enjoy the things that matter more to them in life.
If this sounds interesting or beneficial to you, be sure to read through the article below.

What do the multipliers mean on the farm pages?

On each of the farms and pools, you will see a multiplier. In this example, 60X (shown at the top of the Knight BNB farm). This is just an indicator of what % of the token emissions will go toward a particular farm (the $KNIGHT pool will be counted as a single stake farm).
To figure out how many $KNIGHT tokens get emitted to a particular farm the equation is:
($KNIGHT Per Block/Total Multiplier) x Farm Multiplier.
Let's walk through an example.
Current sum of multipliers: 45+60+15+1+5+2+2+2+2+1+1+.75+1+.5+1+30 = 169.25X Emissions per multiplier: 10/169.25 = 0.05908.
For a 60X multiplier (KNIGHT BNB LP): 0.05908x60 = 3.5448 $KNIGHT per block.

How much is a single LP token worth?

A common question that we get is what is the value of my LP tokens in my farm worth. There are many ways that you can obtain the information of how much your 1 LP token is worth so that you can calculate the total amount you have staked in a farm.
We have provided the information under token price (highlighted green box). You can also manually calculate this if you'd like

How to calculate my farm value?

In order to figure out how much your farm is valued all you would do is take

LP Token Price X Amount of LP You Have Staked In The Farm

Take note that this price can and probably will fluctuate as the value of the LP is made up of 2 independent tokens each with their own price action.

I had money staked in your platform but the partner farm/raid disappeared where did my money go?

If a partner raid block time has been reached it will be automatically expired. If the partnership is not renewed we will remove the farms. Both can be found in the "Inactive" tab of the DApp. You can watch this video below for more info.


​Why is my transaction failing?

1. Make sure you’ve paid enough for gas.
2. Make sure you set your slippage high enough to cover the taxes, if the token has one. Be sure to check out the tokens White Paper and/or TG pinned messages to see what these may be.
3. If you've tried suggestions 1 & 2, please refresh & try again.
4. If you're still having issues watch the video below and if this doesn't solve it, feel free to post in the Knight-BSC General Channel in discord to see if anyone else has encountered this particular issue or raise a support ticket.

How do I adjust my gas?

These FAQs from MetaMask will help you troubleshoot

There are slightly different value for transactions if I switch between them why is it not a 1 to 1 value?

You can see this slight difference here. This is also not isolated to our DEX at KnightSwap.
You can take a look at some of the other big BNB Chain DEX's
The first reason is that the UI does not capture 18 decimals which is what the contract of many tokens are such as KNIGHT or BNB
You will note at the bottom as well that the LP fee will change based on what is being sold
So by selling KNIGHT you will need slightly more because the fee is taken in KNIGHT
Versus by selling BNB, the fee would be in BNB
The other reason is that the price could have simply changed on you, as we are not dealing with static assets that do not change in price.

Do I get trading fees by providing LP to the DEX?

We are a decentralized exchange (DEX). In order to make it appealing for investors to provide liquidity, which is essential for investors investors to trade, users pay a 0.2% fee whenever they make a buy or sell on the DEX.

From that trading fee

0.17% is returned to liquidity pools as a reward for liquidity providers
0.03% goes to the KnightSwap Treasury
Liquidity providers earn their proportionate share of the trading fees regardless of whether their LP is held in their wallet, placed into our farms, or placed into our auto-compounders.
The 0.17% makes the liquidity pool bigger (which helps the project you are providing liquidity for by guarding against volatility & allowing for safer trading).
Your LP tokens represent a % of the pool of the 2 assets you deposited in.
As the liquidity pool gets bigger, the number of LP tokens you have will not increase. However, when you break your LP, your % of the pool will have increased in value since the entire pool increased in value.