How To Remove Liquidity

You can watch this tutorial for full process

If you are staked in a Farm

You will need to first remove the LP from the farm by pressing the '-"
Then choose the amount of LP you would like to remove from the farm or hit "Max" to take it all

Remove Liquidity

Go to this tab & you may sometimes need to wait for the LP that you removed to show up. If it does not after >10 minutes check to make sure your transaction went through as BSC lag sometimes may delay things.
This is what the LP looks like you can choose to "Add" more or in this case "Remove" You will see the amount of each asset you have in this LP on this screen.

Choose How Much To Remove

You can drag the scale to however much % you wish to remove. Notice how as the number increase it shows how much of each asset in the LP is being removed. Once you are satisfied with the number hit "Approve" & a new popup will appear

Sign & Pay Gas To Remove

Confirm this signature and the screen will not allow you to press the "Remove" button which you then press & pay for the gas fee to take your individual assets out. These will appear back in your wallet once the transaction goes through