The Order Of The KNIGHT

These items are our priorities & focuses for the KNIGHT Ecosystem.

Where is the roadmap?

This a common question that can be found in many telegrams from Crypto Investors. If you've been in our ecosystem for a while you'll know that we do not behave like typical Crypto projects, nor do we want to.
Roadmaps make it difficult for projects to take advantage of "randomness," e.g. if a new and unforeseen opportunity that is better for investors and the project. If a project needs to pivot in order to make the best decision possible for the ecosystem, but that decision doesn't fall within the prescribed "roadmap" it becomes extremely difficult to do so without creating FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) from the general holders.
What we have done instead is to highlight key areas of focus that our ecosystem will be prioritizing to help make KnightSwap the leading DEX on BSC.

Main Focus Areas

  1. 1.
    Providing tools for reliable & sustainable yields. Some ways to track the efficacy of these tools
  2. 4.
    Updated Website UI
  3. 5.
    Other CEX listings
  4. 6.
    Continue to decrease barriers of entry for new investors
  5. 7.
    Improve user experience within the KnightSwap ecosystem

Completed Priorities

DApp + Website

✅ LP token price on farms UI
✅ Trading fee APR UI
✅ Creation of Citadel staking pools


✅ Establish partnership incentive program
✅ Auto-compounder
✅ Zap function on auto-compounder
✅ Lending network
✅ First CEX listing - CoinTiger 4/26/2022

Allow for safe trading of tokens within our DEX

Currently we have over 50 actively traded tokens with over 90 million in total value locked; you can take a look at all the tokens currently being traded on our DEX