☑️How Do I Know When A Pool/Raid/Farm Will Expire?

Where are my tokens?

If a project decides to not continue the partnership with the Order after their Raid has expired your funds are still being kept safe within the smart contract. They are simply hidden from the main page as to not have investors accidentally continue to stake into them.

Raids + Farms can be seen as a partnership agreement between projects and the Knight Ecosystem. Typically before a Raid is finished there will be an announcement to alert investors about the upcoming change so they can act accordingly. If a raid is no longer to be continued, the farm associated with the project will also be removed.

Investors can still provide LP which they will then still earn subsequent trading fees as a LP provider (if there is still trading being done on the token), however they no longer will have the added benefit of receiving KNIGHT tokens provided by the ecosystem.

How to check the time on when a Raid is going to expire

You can check on the "End" time frame on these Raids. The one with the lowest number is going to be expiring the soonest. This number is measured in blocks.

BSC block time= approx 1 block every 3 ish seconds.

Raid/Pool/Farm is Expired

Press the "Inactive" tab in the respective part of the website for either of these & you can see the project contracts that have expired.

Removing LP From Farm

Follow the steps on the removing liquidity page to learn how to break apart your LP.

Removing $KNIGHT From Pools/Raids

Go to the respective page of either Pools/Raids & click the inactive tab to find your specific pool.

Once you are there if you have $KNIGHT staked you will be able to unstake them the usual way of pressing the "Unstake Knight" & you will auto-claim into your wallet any partner project tokens that you have accumulated during the Raid.

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