Stake your $KNIGHT tokens to start earning partner tokens.

How Do I Start Staking In A Raid?

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Any fees for staking/depositing?

Currently our Raids do not have any associated fees.

How Do I Know When Raids Will Start or End?

We highly recommend paying attention to the announcements found in our Discord or Telegram.
There, you will be able to find details about the project, the date the Farm and/or Raid was launched, and any relevant links or walkthroughs.
Partner farms and raids may be functional anywhere between 1-6 months.
If a partner does not end up rejoining the Alliance, then their farm will also be removed when the raid is complete.
The number next to "End" indicates how many blocks remain until that particular Raid is complete.
The higher the number shown in the "End" section, the longer that particular raid will be. Remember, block times are variable and depend on congestion so interpret this number with caution.

How do I translate block time?

To estimate when a raid will end, you will first search for the raid in question. From there, take the "End" blocks remaining at the bottom of the raid.
Add the "End" blocks remaining to the current block, which can be found on
In this example, you would add the "End" blocks remaining 1,121,112 to the current block
16,439,627 (shown in the below picture) to get the approximate "End" block of 17,560,729.
Enter the "End" block into the search bar and press enter or click on the blue magnifying glass button.
The picture below shows an estimate when the "End" block will be reached; in our example, in approximately 38 days 22 hours and 12 minutes.
Keep in mind this is just a rough estimate and that because individual blocks can vary based on congestion this date may change.

What happens when a partner Raid Pool is closed?

Once a Raid has reached its "End" block, it will be moved into the "Inactive" page where you can unstake your $KNIGHT (if you haven't already).
Although we typically try to renew our partnership Raids with other projects to maintain continuity, there may be times when partnerships no longer work out.
In these cases, the linked farm will be taken down and a new Raid will not be deployed.
Keep in mind, even when partnerships are renewed, a new Raid contract will be deployed each time since they all have unique "End" blocks that cannot be modified.
Renewed Raids will generally be deployed 24-48 hours after the old Raid contract ends, to avoid confusion with multiple Raids from the same partner project.
Unlike Raids, farms do not have an "End" block, so will remain active as long as partnerships are renewed.
CORE partners play an integral part in our ecosystem and will generally have farms and raids renewed. These are our current CORE partners:
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  2. 2.
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  5. 5.

What Influences The APR on Raids?

  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Price of KNIGHT
  3. 3.
    Price of Raided Asset
Remember that APR is simply a retroactively calculated representation of the current situation.
Raids have a fixed amount of tokens that are provided by the partner project and placed into the Raid contract.
These tokens are distributed evenly over the Raid duration to $KNIGHT holders depending on their staked proportion of the TVL.
The current TVL can be found by pressing the arrow for the drop down under each Raid.
As TVL increases or decreases, your "share of the pie" changes and with it your percentage of the yield.
For example, if your staked $KNIGHT was initially 50% of the TVL, you would receive 50% of the yield.
If someone else later added $KNIGHT to the Raid and your proportion of the TVL decreased to 25%, you would only receive 25% of the yield from that point on unless the TVL changed again.
The price of $KNIGHT and the Raid Asset also affect the Raid APR. As the price of $KNIGHT increases, the APR actually decreases and vise versa, whereas when the price of the Raid Asset increases, the APR increases and vise versa.
APR is proportional to (Raid Asset price)/($KNIGHT price x TVL).

Is there a timelock or fees for unstaking?

There won't be any timelocks or fees for unstaking or depositing for our Raids.
You can withdraw your $KNIGHT at any time.