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At KnightSwap we believe that building on the blockchain is just way more fun with friends. As KnightSwap continues to develop more alliances through the BNB Chain, we hope that our investors will enjoy the uniqueness of each one and what each project brings to the ecosystem.
Here is the current list of The Alliance members
NOTE: We're adding partners to The Alliance regularly, so while we try to maintain an up-to-date list, it can get rather difficult to keep up. We recommend checking our token listings on the Farm page of our Dapp. If a project's token is listed, they can be viewed as an official KnightSwap partner.

The Alliance

We currently have 8 projects that have active farms + raid pools with KnightSwap. You can learn more about our partners and what they offer to the ecosystem below.
  1. 1.
    Wizard ($WIZARD)--> https://www.wizard.financial/
  2. 2.
    Guardian ($GUARD)
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Spartan ($SPA)--> https://spartacrypto.io/
  5. 5.
    Forge Finance ($FORGE)--> https://forgefinance.io/
  6. 6.
    Billion Happiness ($BHC)-->https://billionhappiness.finance/
Are you on the team for your project and want to learn more?
Need help on how to create a liquidity pair for your favorite project of The Alliance to start earning $KNIGHT? Check out all of our guides.

Additional Alliance Members

We have strategically partnered with other influential projects in the BNB Chain to bring our investors more tools to maximize their DeFi experience.

Pink Sale

The Launchpad Protocol for Everyone! PinkSale helps everyone to create their own tokens and token sales in few seconds. Tokens created on PinkSale will be verified and published on explorer websites. https://twitter.com/pinkecosystem/status/1533542273211940866

Bogged Finance

Integration of Stop losses & limit orders on Knight BSC & Dark Knight FTM https://twitter.com/boggedfinance/status/1513242687008346134?s=20&t=xz6WUNHoU7BFru8ZgxWEkg

Yoshi Exchange

DEX Aggregator added full support for Knight BNB & Dark Knight FTM https://twitter.com/YoshiExchange/status/1513488030316654592?s=20&t=0UNr6ibqg2t7ql82JS8z1A


Get covered with smart contract insurance on KnightSwap https://twitter.com/InsurAce_io/status/1559099854059499520?s=20&t=Zi8KNCaQIsko9bzzm9XwiA