Initial Wizard Offering (IWO)

Finding amazing projects that produce seemingly magical results & that support and improve our ecosystem is what our partner over at Wizard accomplish.

What are IWOs?

An Initial Wizard Offering (IWO) is how we can help new projects that are potentially synergistic with the KnightSwap Alliance on BNB Chain enter our ecosystem.
Investors will provide the initial liquidity to these tokens & in return they gain access to higher upside potential from a newly launched coin that has been vetted by our team. Although being vetted there will always be risks associated with tokens whether malicious or not and investors should do their own research before diving in.
In general, you will need BUSD to participate in an IWO.

How do they work?

Here is a breakdown of a previous IWO from Forge Finance which did 12x from launch to peak selling out 100K raise in under 8 minutes.

For Investors: How do I get started?

Be sure to pay attention to the Wizard TG or their announcement channel to find out when their next IWO will be. Alternatively if you check on their website you may be able to catch some in progress in you're lucky.

For New Projects: How do I get started?

If you are a new project looking to launch through our partner, Wizard.Financial, and want more information on how to get started fill out this form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSemdqjrrcmo9p2JfZDqODRBzrdr37SpnNZKDq9H12SUihibuQ/viewform