Knight Spotlight

Where the Real World meets Digital Opportunity. Real world businesses building their treasuries on KnightSwap.
A distinguishing factor within the Knight Ecosystem is that we have earned the trust of real world businesses who are now developing their treasuries within our platform. These businesses are utilizing Knight ecosystem tools with long time preferences to continue acquiring assets for their treasuries. These are some of our partners.
As there are many businesses constantly coming into the ecosystem this list will be updated as best as possible. If your business is building their treasury with the Knight Ecosystem we'd love to feature you as well. Drop into our discord and open a help desk ticket to let us know.
Find your favorite business. Arranged in alphabetical order
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    AG Markel-->https://www.agmarkel.com/ Specializes in modern equine and wildlife art with expressive personality and pizzazz. https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1541421869542150144?s=20&t=MhO7DfA3VKymuXTemp1wtA
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    Amped Local Inc-->https://linktr.ee/douglasjames One of the market’s most prolific experts in digital and social media advertising https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1514604557938032645?s=20&t=6CTnSLJRdER0k8JaC7trsw
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    CertaintyU-->https://www.certaintyu.com/ Tools, resources and insights to help you get Clarity on where you're at and where you want to be, Certainty on the most efficient path forward and then systematically and reliably remove risk and Collapse Time to lock in YOUR ideal life. https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1506996232220131330?s=20&t=nUHEZAneMw79HaZgC5hlmw
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    CertaintyApp-->https://certaintyapp.com/ Imagine: Certainty That Every Financial Decision Is The Right Decision For YOU. Say Goodbye To Financial Anxiety / Uncertainty / Powerlessness https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1508786476376465408?s=20&t=_p-UX-CyH2wGtHUyUbjg0w
  5. 5.
    Callner Creates-->https://www.callnercreates.net/ Full scale, veteran owned & operated video production company. 100% Wolf Den Crypto asset treasury
  6. 6.
    Custom Happy-->https://www.customhappy.com/ They print and ship items like mugs, shirts, and a lot more all over all the world + offer fulfillment services. https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1518992319864655878?s=20&t=s8QsvQlB-ppko7ErecNXCQ
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    Dog & Crate--> https://dogandcrate.com/ Designer handcrafted Dog Crate furniture based in New Braunfels, Texas https://twitter.com/LudaDuda3/status/1511550543746973697?s=20&t=rSsJPKxCZcKlqxlqpbjbvA
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    Efficient Fitness-->https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachzac The consigliere to successful men who get their toned, fit and healthy body back and maintain it long term using his Metabolic-Optimisation-Protocol. https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1512053075229429762?s=20&t=v-2Yf8U7JbnkOXVyL0fL9w
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    Dr. Jeff Spencer -->https://www.drjeffspencer.com/ An olympic medalist himself, Dr Jeff Spencer has been a world renowned glass artist, with his glass displayed in the most prominent galleries in the world. He has also been in the corner of over 40 olympic medalists and world champions. Dr. Spencer was in the corner of Tiger Woods prime, all 7 of Lance Armstrong's Tour De France victories, FBI Negotiator Chris Voss, Dave Asprey as he built the Bulletproof brand and, when Bono (U2) wasn’t sure they would be able to finish a tour successfully, he would call Jeff to fly out to make sure they finished strong. https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1506272362697691136?s=20&t=He1eVSeTc0vx0Uq1EYp3iA
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    Highly Offended Podcast-->https://apple.co/3io4S0s The internet is rife with digital coaches and gurus claiming to have every solution to lead a successful life. They say all you need to do is simply grind away and follow their personal formula for success, but let’s be real: hustle culture is totally not worth the hype and neither are those solo roads to ‘success’. PD Shirgir has been butting heads with these guys for years. He understands that authenticity in whatever you do is actually the key to being successful. PD is devoted to helping others understand this while knocking those gurus down a peg – one quip at a time. https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1509537693985738752?s=20&t=lhSHXK8Wj7JqS1-_Pr2OIQ
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    Pedal Pub Atlanta--> https://www.pedalpub.com/atlanta-ga/ "Be Fearless, not Beerless." Bar bike tours around the city of Atlanta. https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1516431435472666626?s=20&t=fbZ6YACzAf7l-c_qETlxKw
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    The Get $hit Done Business Accelrator--> Coaching Program for digital agencies and coaches https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1513894711144026119?s=20&t=oTsi2VDv9n8HL1JXvrwZQw
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    The Leverage Model-->https://theleveragemodel.com/now Digital Marketing Agency, specializing in large online events https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1511357995061448711?s=20&t=oXAy8PlY24cdCKtrG2NCmw
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    Wolf Den Swag--> https://www.wolfdenswag.com/ Not an official service from the Wolf Den team, but is a member of the GUARDIAN tier from the Wolf Den who has created an online store for members to purchase great quality clothing while repping some Wolf Den culture. https://twitter.com/KnightEcosystem/status/1542879951388454912?s=20&t=vXTJbHWNUYz3g6DE2Sh1Vg